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A Ticket To Your Future

Your Voice and Advocate for a Prosperous Maine! Candidate For State Representative District 44



Embarking on a journey of community service since 1987 has been Ray Thombs' profound privilege and life's mission. As your advocate, he finds deep significance in serving those grappling with overwhelming challenges. Officiating weddings, baby dedications, and funerals, Ray has been a firsthand witness to the joys and struggles of people's lives, fostering a genuine admiration for their unique journeys.


As a retired veteran of the USAF/ANG, Ray Thombs brings unwavering dedication to his mission of service and community care. Answering the call to action in his 20s, Ray deployed with his military Communications Unit to places like Honduras, championing liberty for families held hostage by tyrannical leaders. Furthermore, during Desert Storm, his unit's mission to establish power infrastructure and crucial communications played a pivotal role in liberating an oppressed population. Over the past 27 years, he has gained an intimate understanding that liberty is one of life's most precious elements, deserving protection from all adversaries. 



Ray's exceptional ability to revitalize seven-figure revenue businesses and extensive management experience uniquely positions him to offer invaluable leadership to our state. After a six-month stint at the Statehouse during the first session of the 131st legislative body, Ray's keen observations and advocacy have led him to a humble conclusion – our state needs leaders rooted in family values and grassroots efforts.


Guiding Maine:

Ray recognizes the importance of leaders who prioritize service over self, cherish all forms of life, uplift others, and possess the experience to make Maine the most prosperous small-town state in the nation. Committed to this lifelong mission, Ray believes in the timeless principles that Maine was founded on. He eagerly anticipates garnering the support of fellow citizens in Maine, aspiring to be there for them, representing their voice with a profound sense of humility and admiration.

Ray & His Wife - 36 Years

Their Three Children

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